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Bread and confectionery machinery, general food machinery, plant equipment, refrigeration equipment, industrial drying ovens, etc.


Establish at 1947


Easy operation with auto control.
All-stainless steel structure:
The main body is made of all-stainless steel filled with heat insulating material.
Adopts a stainless steel fin heater with high moisture resistance.

■High precision auto control method
Uniform temperature and humidity distribution inside the refrigerator with an accurate heating and humidification mechanism.
Prevents fabric drying and performs detailed fabric management.

■Simple operation
Easy operation, just adjust temperature and humidity. Equipped with a self-diagnosis function for measurement abnormalities and failures.


Easy firing with 3-step program firing function
Built-in high-performance steam generator
In addition to manual operation, you can divide the firing process into three stages and set the temperature, steam, and time for each stage.
Equipped with “3-step program firing function”.
The baking chamber has a four-panel top structure and is equipped with a heat circulation function to ensure uniform heat. Bake fluffy and delicious bread and cookies.

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