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KSON FoodTech

Establish at 1983

Reliable Equipment Expert

KSON has entered the biomedical and agricultural technology industry from technology IT, combining agricultural industry experts and industrial control teams, investing in the concept of health and green energy conservation, and presenting the highest quality of products and the most sincere service, but also to the society The earth does its part.

KSON Technology has more than 30 years of experience in environmental simulation. In this industry, we are committed to the IT technology industry with professional temperature and humidity environmental measurement equipment; for more than 30 years, because of the belief in [cherish things, love yourself, and love the earth], we apply laboratory-level environmental control to agricultural technology and food In the field of science and technology.

The Micro-Freezing Technology

KSON manufactures micro-freezing equipment with precision controllers. Micro-freezing applications include micro-freezing preservation and micro-freezing thawing of frozen meat. Especially the ingredients that are not easy to keep fresh or the ingredients with a short taste period are very suitable to use the micro-freezing preservation technology to try the effect of prolonging the preservation period; secondly, KSON’s exclusive technology is also the most favorite maturing method used by customers, and the frozen ingredients are directly imported. KSON Foodtech maturing machine”, under the same conditions, it can be directly frozen and thawed> maturing> preservation. For commercial maturing machines, the cost of refrigerated meat maturing is greatly reduced, and the preservation period is directly extended.

How to choose a freezing point ripening machine

Four main characteristic you need to know

Four main characteristics of KSON machine


The reaction efficiency of enzymes in meat increases with the increase of temperature, but at the same time, the increase of temperature is more likely to produce spoilage bacteria. In order to confirm food safety and maturation quality, most maturing machine companies will set the temperature at about 0°C. The ripening machine developed by KSON in-house can better bring out the flavor conditions of the ingredients at a unique temperature of -0.8°C.

Since there is scientific evidence that food materials stored with humidity higher than 90% are prone to decay, Qingsheng generally maintains humidity between 70% and 85%. By controlling the humidity, it will produce a unique umami taste and a strong aging aroma.
Wind force

It is said that it is difficult to deteriorate by releasing excess water in the meat. This excess water is called “free water”, which is characterized by being able to move freely in the meat, rich in nutrients, but easy to breed microorganisms and bacteria.
It is believed that the purpose of strong wind drying of meat is to extract free water and prevent spoilage. However, if the wind is too strong, the meat will be too dry and the cost will be too high, because the hard and dry surface will be cut, and the edible part may be reduced by 50% or more.

The free water that rises to the surface when it encounters the wind, even if it seeps out of the meat, is rich in nutrients, so microorganisms come. It is said that the action of these microorganisms and enzymes in the aging process of meat produces the unique aging aroma of aged meat.
Reasons for choosing freezing point ripening machine
Why Choose Us?
Freezing point maturation is a technology that enhances the taste of food materials by storing and processing them in the temperature range before freezing. Utilizing the environmental testing technology accumulated over the years, the high-precision temperature and humidity control further improves the maturation quality. And through the construction of a 3D temperature sensing system, the maturation quality and food safety can be guaranteed.
Since the humidity of a general refrigerator cannot be adjusted, the ingredients are easy to dry and it is difficult to keep them fresh. The humidity of the freezing point ripening machine can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the ingredients to reduce unnecessary waste.
Because it has ultraviolet bactericidal function, it can inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms.
During the maturation process, various measures need to be taken, such as adjusting temperature and humidity conditions, in order to closely link the change of flavor with the improvement of quality. The freezing point ripening machine provides a highly stable ripening environment, precise temperature and humidity control, suitable for dry ripening and wet ripening.
During the maturation process, the enzymes originally contained in the meat convert the concentrated protein into amino acids, which are umami components. In addition, glycogen is converted to glucose, which helps bring out the aroma and deliciousness of cooking.
Since we have developed a dedicated application in-house, we can continuously monitor the temperature and humidity of the maturing machine. In addition, if an abnormality is detected, the system will automatically send an alert. In our response, we were highly praised by many store customers, calling it “very convenient”.