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Higo-Griller Higo-Griller Company name : Higogriller Co., Ltd.President: Shinichiro HigoEstablished : May 1966 Model: Two-knife series bed type [PDF]Two-knife series tabletop type [PDF]Large roasted meat type [PDF]Automatic rotary skewers type [PDF]Western grill type [PDF]Compact single-phase power supply [PDF]Single-phase burnt bird compact type [PDF]Universal bed type [PDF]Universal type [PDF]Comprehensive barbecue type [PDF]Yakitori large skewers bed type …

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Fabbri Fabbri Company name : Fabbri GroupEstablished : starting from the early 50’s Model: Factory Series– Automac 55 PIU [PDF]– Automac 55 PIU NEW [PDF]– Automac 75 95 [PDF]Supermarket Series– E 24 [PDF]– ELIXA 21 [PDF]– ELIXA 24 [PDF]– ELIXA 35 [PDF] BRAND Brand You May Interest AICOH AIGI ALFA FABBRI Higo Griller Hoshizaki Kitazawa …

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ALFA ALFA Company name : Hakura Seiki Co., Ltd.President: Toshimasa TanakaEstablished : April 1955 Model: Bag Opening Machine Series– F8 [PDF]– FOO5 [PDF]Special Bread Cutting Series– AU 8F [PDF]– AU 15F [PDF]– AU 25F [PDF]– AU 30F [PDF]Bread Cutting Tabletop Lightweight Series– A 100 [PDF]– A 100N [PDF]– AT 700L [PDF]– AT 700LP [PDF]– AT …

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AIGI AIGI Company name : Aigi Co., Ltd. [AIGI Co., Ltd.]President: Noriyuki Uemoto, President and CEOEstablished : November 2007 Model: Catalog [PDF] BRAND Brand You May Interest AICOH AIGI ALFA FABBRI Higo Griller Hoshizaki Kitazawa KSON Maruzen MERAND MIK Nestor Sanko SARAYA Yamato Previous Next


AICOH AICOH Company name : AICOHSHA MFG. CO., LTD.President: Hiromitsu UshikuboEstablished : February 23 , 1948 (as a joint-stock company) Model: • Bread & Roll Molder [PDF]• Continuous High Pressure Foaming Mixers [PDF]• Flour Blending Mixers [PDF]• FS-30 FA-30[PDF]• High Speed Cutter Mixers [PDF]• Natural Leaven & Natural Yeast Fermenting [PDF]• Planetary Mixer [PDF]• UTCS …

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